Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chimichangas....veggie style!

Veggie (sort of) Chimichangas!

2 Morningstar Chipotle Black Bean Burger patties
6 Flour tortillas
1 cup cooked white rice
shredded Cheddar cheese

I save pretty much EVERYTHING from most dinners. I like to use and reuse to not waste. so my mom bought these bean patties at Costco and sent me home with 4 patties. we tried them hamburger style and we just weren't feelin' it. so the remaining 2 sat in the freezer for a long time! finally i decided that it was time to use them. but we already established the whole not loving the hamburger i grabbed everything i had left over and made some chimichangas out of them!

defrost the patties and then mash and heat in a skillet. while that is warming up shred your cheese and warm your rice in the microwave. I just had white rice in the fridge , it turned out to be perfect because the patties have ALOT of flavor! once everything is warm turn on your griddle or clean skillet get it pretty warm, warm enough to heat the tortilla with out burning and still sear the chimichanga. after you warm your tortilla ,fill with ( i used those cool cookie scoops, just so i get the same amount every time)2 scoops mashed patties, 2 scoops rice and a sprinkle of cheese. now the rolling seems to be the tricky part for alot of people. here is what works for me...put the filling in the center, tuck the ends in and fold the side of the tortilla closest to you and roll it all over. now spray the skillet or griddle with a little cooking spray and lay the roll seam side down to seal the seam.
if you must...put some enchilada sauce on it, but might i suggest....

1/2 cup cream cheese
1-2 Tbsp milk/soy milk
2 Tbsp dried onions
1 Tbsp tomato sauce

magic bullet this until its a dip consistancy. for those who enjoy the burn a couple red pepper flakes and your good to go! this is a dip not a poor over!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Try This....

Hawaiian Sloppy Joe's

1 cup crushed pineapple in juice
1 1/2 cup BBQ sauce (I used a savory flavor)
2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 Tbsp Tomato Paste
1 Lb Ground Turkey
1 Pkg Kings Hawaiian Rolls

we have football practice every Tuesday evening right now, so dinner has to be cooking while we "go team go"! So i made this yummy variation to regular sloppy Joe's(which i don't like, regular sloppy Joe's that is). so i browned the meat in a skillet while the other ingredients were warming up in the crock pot ( remember warm in warm / cold in cold) then i dumped the browned turkey into the crock pot ( stir, stir) and off we went!
I sent the hubs to the store on the way home from football to pick up the Hawaiian rolls and BAM. your done!

Just an FYI on all my cooking... i cook with a "Little bit of this...and a little bit of that" so amp up whatever you'd like.

This one got a "no leftovers" rating in my house! (the dog was so bummed)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Go Go Gadget ARMS!

why is it that the binky is always out of reach in the car?

two..two..two loves in one!

I have put matthew on notice... i even put my parents on notice. that when the day comes that we no longer buy diapers, ask "do you have to go potty" or have a car full of carseats i will be departing for a dream vacation full of food and ITALY!

Monday, January 17, 2011


it used to be a sickness, every year around Dec 1 i would start to get a little antsy wondering WHEN oh WHEN would my turbo tax for that year get here so i could start on my taxes!!!The immense joy i felt with the thought of hours on end and HUNDREDS of pieces of paper! Now i find it all quite sickening! I say this as i sit in a house that WAS clean about 4 hours ago and has now been torn apart like the toy section on black Friday! toys stroon about , clothes both clean and dirty on the living room floor. Lets not forget the questionable smell from tonight's dinners dishes still sitting in the sink! through all that i still sit here with a small amount of joy reading about the new deduction and filling out some of the hundreds of forms just waiting in anticipation for all of my 1090's to get here! But on the whole the thrill is gone! i want to sleep, clean or get rid of that awful smell ( whatever it is ) rather than sit here plugging numbers! OH how life changes and your expectations change! my evolved dream of being a power house, work aholic in a high rise apartment driving a Aston Martin are gone. now i sit drooling over the latest minivan and all the perks it will bring to our drives to football practice! Matthew promises that someday he will arrive at our door with my Aston convertible. I believe him. i just don't see how we will get 3 car seats in it, but i am willing to try! So here is to embracing and blooming where you are planted! 30 years on this earth have been good to me so this moment a minivan, dirty house and weird smell will have to be my joy! i will do my taxes when all my little people are off being Presidents , Doctors and Rock stars! yes i am aware of that last one...but if that's what BT wants to be then its just as important to me as being a President. Heck look at Oprah, fame's done her good!

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